Welcome, and Bear With Me!

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I'm very excited to be dipping my toe into the figurative blogging waters. I have been inspired by so many amazing teachers out there whose blogs get me through the school year and keep my own ideas fresh, as well as by their amazing products. I'm just hoping I can contribute some of my own unique ideas to the teacher-verse and make your lives a little easier and more exciting.

I hope you'll follow along on my journey! I'm sure things will get a little mixed up and messy as I navigate blogging and teaching Kindergarten for the first time, but perhaps some of you have experienced much of the same. For me, the most important thing is keeping the students at the center of what I do, and always looking for ways to make school more fun, more engaging, and more exciting! And secretly, more rigorous. :)

I'm hoping to kick things off with some useful back-to-school freebies, so keep an eye out for those!



  1. Hi Lisa!

    Welcome to blogging. I hope you love it as much as I do. I did not do a good job of blogging this past year but am always thankful each time I post. It is a great way to reflect and remember what you do from year to year.

    I am happy to be your first bloglovin' follower. If you ever have any questions, just ask. Hop over and visit if you get the chance. :)

    Heather's Heart

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! I'm headed over to your blog now!

      :) Lisa


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