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Switching grade levels is both exciting and a touch overwhelming. I think I'm past the hard part--this spring, I was juggling report cards and the end of the school year, moving my classroom to a new school, buying our condo, and the home stretch of wedding planning! Now I'm down to just classroom setup and planning (and getting to the gym, cleaning and cooking dinner...), which is WAY more manageable.

So, I've spent a couple of days in my room clearing out some leftovers and beginning work on my classroom library (more on that another day!), and I've also gotten a jump on creating my classroom schedule.


You can click the image to download both pages of the file. My schedule has specialist at three different time slots throughout the week, so it's a little wonky. But, if you'd like to play around with it, at least a lot of the formatting is done for you, and hopefully it'll be a helpful way to look at your week from a bird's-eye view.

I used Daily 5 (<3) for my literacy block in second grade last year, so I plan to make it work in Kindergarten too! So each of those Daily 5 rotations will begin with a QUICK (hoping for 5-8 minutes) mini-lesson, followed by work time. I also like to have a truly dedicated writing time, even though writing is a choice in Daily 5, so the last rotation will always be a writing mini-lesson with an accompanying writing task (which students will at least begin, and possibly finish during a later Daily 5 writing choice).

I also adored Math Rotations, which I modeled after Stephanie's description at 3rd Grade Thoughts. I plan to continue with a similar model in Kindergarten, as I can't imagine differentiating effectively without this model!

After my looong morning, I'll have a much shorter afternoon. We'll usually have lunch, recess, and specialist all after noon. I'm planning to include Science/Social Studies/Open Circle in the afternoon, as well as Daily Dish, a fantastic idea that I'm planning on modifying thanks to Cara Carroll over at The First Grade Parade.

Of course, we'll have a good chunk of Choice time and Friday fun to end our week since we have no specialist that day. We'll end our day with Stack & Pack and a quick share (hopefully from the Daily Dish!).

How is your summer planning coming along? How do you manage your classroom schedule? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!


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